About Us

Based within the West Midlands, we help people live in their own home fostering a culture which we believe to be the best for those we care for, providing a platform where every day, people who receive our service, can look forward to a fulfilling time.

We leave no stone unturned in challenging ourselves asking how we can do the best for those we serve, ensuring a safe place where families and friends of the people who receive our service can rest assured that there is no better place for their quality of life.

It was in 2011 that Upward Care came into existence, where a group of professionals in the care sector got together and started asking challenging questions about what supported living and extra-care services in the years ahead should actually be like.

We believe our model has taken the best of what is always there, but also dared to push boundaries to ensure people have as much autonomy as possible.

The strong frameworks connecting all involved in our work is something we work on every day to continue to make progress in what we see as our lives vocation, working with those who share our vision.