Supported Living

The people who receive our service enjoy a high quality of life in a strong community via a supported living model, which we see as the blueprint for how care should be provided for future generations.

Everyone who receives service from Upward Care will have an individual, bespoke and personalised support package ensuring they are cared for, in great detail.

There is care and support on a 24 /7 basis, be it one to one, shared care or support within a community of people.

Those who we look after will have an assessed care and support need and may have a formal diagnosis of:

  • A learning or physical disability
  • Sensory impairment
  • A mental health condition
  • A brain injury
  • An autistic spectrum condition

What is of utmost importance to us is that the support people receive means that they will have the best chance to live as ordinary a life as possible, independently within their own home. Those we care for are given a level of support to maximise their potential and have control over their own lives.